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(By Teachers)

Sr.No. Title of Research Investigators Remark
01 Design Considerations for the Built Environment with a Focus on the Elderly People Dr. Abhijit Natu
Prof. Pushkar Kanvinde
Prof. Vibha Nakhare
Funded by SPP University Completed
02 Architecture and landscape of villages of Pune District : A study of selected cases Dr. Abhijit Natu
Prof. Pushkar Kanvinde
Dr. Parag Narkhede
Funded by SPP University Completed
03 Design Considerations for Safety on Construction Sites Prof. Atul Bhagwat
Prof. M.G.Sawant
Funded by SPP University Completed.
04 Access Audit of Pune University Campus Dr. Parag Narkhede Funded by SPP University Completed
Research Guidance
01 Dr. Abhijit Natu [Approved PhD Guide at SPP University PhD Awarded – 06
PhD Ongoing – 05
02 Dr. Parag Narkhede [Approved PG teacher & PhD Guide at SPP University ] PhD Awarded – 01
PhDs Ongoing – 04


(By Teachers)

Academic Year 2016-2017

  1. Latkar V. & Natu A. (2016) Continuum of Traditional Knowledge and Management Systems for Sustainable Future of Jejuri : A Pilgrimage Town of Maharashtra. Context.

  2. Latkar V. & Natu A. (2016). Historic Urban Landscape Approach for the Development of Pilgrimage Towns : A Case Study of Pandharpur. Journal of IIA. Vol. 81. No. 1. ISSN-0019-4913.

  3. Pradnya Patki Paper publication in Journal NX-A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal Volume 3, Issue 11, Nov-2017 by Novateur Publications on Urban heat Island Intensity-Study of Energy balance in Urban Environment, A Case of Pune at National Conference on Technological developments in Civil & Mechanical Engineering 2018 hosted by SB Patil College of Engineering, Indapur Department of Civil Engineering.

Academic Year 2017-2018

  1. Pradnya Patki Oral paper presentation on Exploring & Understanding Socio-cultural & Architectural fabric of Junnar town at MASA Convention 2017 at Dr. BNCA, Pune & published in MASA 1st journal, First Edition, National Bi-annual Research publication, Issue 1, Volume 1 titled Precedents in Architecture on the theme Documenting local Histories on 27th October 2017.

  2. Pradnya Patki Paper publication on Relationship between Street Furniture in Pune and user’s convenience at on National Conference on Architecture & Beyond’(NCAB-2017) organized by, Vidya Pratishthan’s School of Architecture, Baramati, Pune on 25th February 2017 published in IASTER International Journal of research in civil Engineering, Architecture & Design (IJRCEAD) Volume-5 Issue-2 April-June 2017, ISSN print 2347-8284 ISSN online-2347-2855 pg. no.-28-35.

Academic Year 2018-2019

  1. Natu A, Kanvinde P and Narkhede P (2018). Values and Conservation of Rural Landscapes. International Journal of Planning and Architectural Science (IJPAS) of SPA Vijaywada.

  2. Paper published on Relation of daylight with space configuration in residences in Pune at National conference on Emerging Trends in Architecture on 11, 12 January 2018 organized by MIT School of Architecture, Pune, published in International Journal of Engineering Research Volume no-7, Issue Special 2, pg:198-202, ISSN 2319-6890 (online), 2347-5013 (print).

  3. Narkhede P.G., Prof. Aparna Mhetras (2018) Environmental Conformity in Vernacular Settlement Planning: Case of Konkan Region, Maharashtra in Proceedings of ‘Between The Lines’ 2018: International conference on Architecture and Urban Planning, August 17-18, 2018, School of Architecture, REVA University, Bangalore.

Academic Year 2019-2020

  1. Narkhede P.G., Gayatri Desai (2019) Relationship Between The Academic Program and Designing of Spaces in a Military School in Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects, March 2019.

  2. Narkhede P.G., Shivani Bhandari (2019) Study of Form and Function of an Administrative Building in Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects, August 2019

  3. Narkhede P.G., Dr. Shilpa Nagapurkar (2019) Pattern of Urban Housing Changes: Case Study of Pune City in Proceedings of the International Conference on Changing Cities IV: Spatial, Design, Landscape & Socio-economic Dimensions, Chania, Crete Island, Greece, June 24-29, 2019 pp- 1314-1326

  4. Narkhede P.G., Dr. Shilpa Nagapurkar (2020), ‘Study of Urban Heritage and Character in growing City of Pune.’ Published in Shodh Sarita - UGC CARE listed Journal, Vol.7, Issue 28, Oct-Dec 2020, pp-158-163.

Academic Year 2020-2021

  1. Natu A. (2020). People’s Perception and Awareness of Architecture. International Journal of Design in Society. Vol.14. Issue 1. Pp. 23-37. ISSN 2325-1328.

  2. Natu A. (2020). Integrating Behavioral Research in Undergraduate Design Studio in Architecture for Designing Inclusive Environments. Journal of Accessibility and Design for All. Volume 10. Issue 2. ISSN: 2013-7087 pp 209-228.

  3. Verma A. & Natu A. (2020). Integral Elements of Residential Liveable Environments: Private Gardens. International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Vol.9 No. 1.pp- 1-6. ISSN 1911-1118 [online]. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7492/IJAEC.2020.005

  4. Angal V. & Natu A. (2020). Decision Making Model of Residential Redevelopment: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective. International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Vol.9 No. 1.pp- 1-6. ISSN 1911-1118 [online]. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7492/IJAEC.2020.036

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